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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Who's awake?

Its 5:13 AM. Im anxiously awaiting the arrival of this nor-easter,and to be quite honest,the impending flood it will surely bring to my basement. Until that time Napeloen Dynamite is keeping me occupied.
I have a gabillion things on my mind,but I only feel like sharing these little tidbits(chew on them wisely).

1-New Thrice (with the unpronounceable V-title)-is probably one of the best records of the year.
2-Speaking of Thrice,did you hear they confirmed taste of chaos along the The Deftones(holy crap) and Atreyu.
3-Rosa Parks died.. she was perhaps one of the last iconoclastic americans alive (besides for ex- presidents).
4-The new Propagandhi is good.Do you like them? This record is way different,Im not feeling it as much as the older ones,perhaps cause of the newer sound,but maybe i just need to accept change.
5-i cant think of a 5.
6-im talking to my friend who lives in LA right now on the phone and she just admitted she is drunk and driving.Apparently she says thats ok there.
7-So since this isnt the radio show,but tied to the radio show,does it mean me and dubin cant say anything bad about bands.

thats all the news fit to print.


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