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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


As Dubin posted below,the members of bayside and crew were involved in terrible tragedy this week.For all the bands that climb into a van,bus or any other vehcile that gets them across the country,this is truly a nightmare come true.
Dubin and Myself have both toured quit a bit,and I cant even begin to comprehend what it must be like to experience something of that magnitude.
Our hearts go out to Johns family and friends.I cant even imagine what theyre dealing with.I didnt really know him but we did have a few mutual friends.Seeing how distraught they all are makes it obvious he must have been an amazing guy.
Best wishes go to our friend nick(baysides bassist),who broke his back in the accident.
I also dont know the exact condition of Dan,their tech,who was also seriously injured.As soon as we hear anything on their condition,well make a post.

Our thoughts are with Baysides other 2 members Jack and Anthony.Both escaped injury,but suffered a huge loss.
For years,Anthony has kept Bayside affloat through trials and tribulations,and is the only original member.His faith in his band is admirable,and dedication is sincere.He and the rest of guys are one of the coolest bands,anyone can have the pleasure of dealing with.
We wish them the best of luck in whatever they choose to pursue.

ALSO-Hawthorne Heights and Silverstien both should be applauded for their support of bayside. They cancelled 5 shows on the tour and have vowed to play benefits insupport the fund set up for John,not to mention staying with bayside in wyoming.

speedy recovery and godspeed xoxox



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